10 April 17:00 - 21:00Things

Noodl + Voice + IoT

When working at the intersection of design and technology, we know it is critical to be able to express and experiment new product values without over-investing in speculative development. We will introduce Noodl, a node-based prototyping tool, and show how to easily  build a rich, end user centric UI, making use of enablers such as voice input and an Arduino compatible IoT hardware endpoint. During this event, participants will get hands-on with Noodl (actually a bleeding edge beta version of the upcoming 2.0 that includes react.js components), voice input and output and last not least a nifty hardware kit (Adafruit ESP Huzzah, neopixel LEDS and much more).

Noodl is a node based tool specialized in quickly turning technology and ideas into functional highly refined prototypes. It's easy to connect to real data (e.g. through REST), IoT devices (through MQTT) and to other types of hardware or cloud services, for example voice recognition. Noodl also have very powerful UI capabilities and you can create super refined interfaces for phones or other types of screens.

Fridge Hack from Topp on Vimeo.

Noodl + React Alpha Preview from Topp on Vimeo.

All you need to know

  • Bring your own laptop!
    (with administrator rights/rights to install programs)
  • Expert Workshop leader from Topp, the maintainer of Noodl
  • Hardware is included in the ticket price
  • Venue is "Things" hardware co-working space. It's a 10 minute walk from Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) subway stop
  • A smaller wrap will be served and some beverages available; water & coffee.
  • No refunds

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Doors Open


Welcome + Noodl intro + hardware gear

The background to why Noodl was created, the philosophy behind the Topp approach to prototyping. Also, a quick introduction to the hardware bits and pieces we will use (and that participants get to bring home)


experiment 1: setup & Noodl basics

We quickly go through the tool's functions and build a first screen.


experiment 2: building an IoT connected light

We use the UI from the earlier step together with the Arduino hardware to create an internet connected smart light that is controlled from the Noodl UI




experiment 3: talk to me

Continuing with the existing Noodl prototype we add voice command functionality, extending control of the light to include basic voice commands


discussion: advanced & next steps


wrap up and thanks


Optional: Extra Hacking




Organized by

Mathias Levin

Mathias works as a Design Technologist at Topp.